CIRCULARIO - is a simple yet addictive puzzle game with an experimental mechanics, intuitive controls and minimalistic design. Test your instincts, reaction, logical thinking and the ability to anticipate.
Test it unusual game mechanics - TOUCH-CONNECT-ROTATE & MERGE 
● TOUCH: Touch one of the circles on the screen
● CONNECT: Do not leave your finger on the screen, swipe to the next circle
● ROTATE: Now the second circle is captured and will rotate around the first
● MERGE: Faced two circles are merged into one larger

Rules of the game:
- In random places on the screen appear circles and move up
- Move the circles rotating relative to one another
- Do not let the circles cross the line at the top of the screen
- Two circles merging together - creating a new circle of larger and give points
- The larger circles merging - the more points you get

Goal of the game: 
Score as many points in a single session
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