•​​​​​ ​Do you remember what toys you played in your childhood when there were no smartphones?
•​​​​​ ​Have you ever played the game Cat’s Сradle, twisting the rope on your fingers into a web of intricate geometric shapes?
•​​​​​ ​Have you ever looked at a kaleidoscope where colorful pieces of glass make up bizarrely unique patterns of symmetry and mixed color palettes?
•​​​​​ ​Have you ever folded sheets of colored paper in such a way as to make an airplane, boat, flower, or other shapes?
•​​​​​ ​Have you ever run a bright-colored kite that trembles cheerfully and serenely in a clear azure sky?
•​​​​​ ​How does a child feel when he does this for the first time in his life?
•​​​​​ ​What are these first childhood impressions?
"TRIZ - Sacred Geometry Puzzles" is the quintessence of the child’s first impressions, feelings, experience and emotions received from toys of “pre-smartphone” childhood, wrapped in bright and colorful packaging in the form of abstract figures of modern art that come to life and turn into puzzles!
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